Sleepyhead Bear

I’m truly fond of Sleepyhead Bear. It’s a toddler/preschooler picture book written in verse, and all of the rhyming words end in the “r” sound: bear, roar, far, whirrrr! This fiendishly difficult rhyme scheme was inspired by another of my children’s books, Cold Little Duck, Duck, Duck. (It was easier to find rhyming words that end in the “k” sound!)

Sleepyhead is out of print, but I have a few copies that I can sell on a first come-first served basis. Here’s what we do:

sleepyhead 800190

*You send me an email with your name and address, and tell me how many copies you want. My email address is:

lisawpeters AT gmail DOT com

*I write back and tell you how much you owe me ($16.99 per book, plus shipping) and where to send the check.

*You send me the check.

*I receive the check and send you, with pleasure, an autographed book.

Thanks! I hope you and a little one can share this book soon!  Lisa

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